Wednesday, August 27, 2014

After coming back home from the Green reunion we were actually able to stay home for a week before we had to head out on the road again. I took Kennedy and Carter to the Snake River Stampede. Kennedy and I try to go every year and this year Chris was on a business trip so Carter got to go with us. He definitely wasn't excited at all, but I think that he ended up enjoying it a bit. We keep teasing him that we are going to sign him up for the mutton busting, which is where little kids get in protective gear and ride sheep for as long as they can. He gets so mad, but if he would think about it he would know that he's way to big and they wouldn't let him on a sheep. Maybe we'll sign him up to ride steers. I'm sure he'd be all for that. Not!!
Love these kids of mine!!
The Sunday after the rodeo we hit the road to head back to Teton Valley. This time I was taking Kennedy and her friend Megan to Badger Creek for Adventure For Youth through our church. They got to go white water rafting over in Jackson Hole, ride horses and do a lot of other adventure type activities and also learn more about the gospel and help their testimonies. It also meant that Carter and I got to spend another week with my parents on their farm. Love it. Fun, fun, fun!!
 I went on an 11 miles hike with my sister and some of her friends. It was on the Mill Creek Trail. You start in Teton Canyon and end up by the lifts at Targhee Ski Resort. It was super pretty and a little hard. I had a few blisters at the end. Beautiful views though.

Teton Peaks covered in clouds. 
 Lunch with Addy at Basin Burger. That girl loves her drinks.
 Carter and Brandon at lunch
 Fishing with Uncle Dave
 Uncle Dave is one of the boy's favorites. He does to well with him and is very patient and tolerant. Love my brother!!
 Cute boy at the Emporium getting a shake. We probably went about 6 or 7 times in the two weeks we were there. Either the Emporium or Corner Drug in Driggs. Yum, yum fresh lime drinks.
 Kennedy and Megan and the view from the mountain behind my parents house.
 And of course they had to carve their names in trees. It's a rite of passage.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Well we've survived the first few days of school ... 2nd year of college, senior year of high school and first year of middle school. Yay!! My goal was just to have Carter come home happy and having good days. So far so good!! He did forget everything he was supposed to bring home, but baby steps, right?? Baby steps. I'll have to post photos later.
After our fun weekend in Bear Lake with my parents and family Chris and I split up to head different directions for the next week. He came home to head off on a business trip and I took Kennedy and Carter to my parents house so that we could attend our Green reunion. My grandma turned 98 on the 5th of July. She is amazing. Still lives alone. We've decided that she'll probably outlive us all. Love her to death!! Notice Ryan wasn't mentioned. He didn't get to either event. He got a job stocking shelves at Walmart overnight. He couldn't pass that up since we didn't thing with all the traveling he'd be able to find a job at all.
Friday and Saturday we ate meals together and there were other activities planned. There was a fashion show with the grandkids and great-grandkids wearing their grandparents clothes from high school. My mom and her sisters lip synced and danced to It's In His Kiss. We watched Ephraim's Rescue which is about my great-great grandfather helping to rescue handcart companies and we just spent time with cousins chatting and having fun. Saturday morning my siblings and I (except for Kaleb) took most of our kids on a hike up to the Wind Caves. Lots of fun, and we almost missed floating the river in the pouring rain that afternoon. Darn, right??
 Kennedy in a dress that my mom made
 And a dress that she bought for Prom. Kennedy says she would wear it now.
 Tallin, Brandon, Case, Mason and Carter on the hike to the Wind Caves!!
 Carter, Kennedy and I on our hike
 Mason, the girl and Addy cheesing for the camera
 Shooting guns with the Burnetts
 Josh, Kennedy and Dave trying to act cool for the selfie
 Josh, Kennedy and Kyle enjoying the hike before Kyle headed to Mexico on his mission. You can see the entrance to the Wind Caves above their heads.
 Wind Cave view from the inside
We made it :)
My mom and Addy
There always has to be a competition when we get together

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I'm trying to convince myself that mowing the lawn and raking up all the loose grass was just as good as running three miles this morning. I wanted to run, I just couldn't find motivation, so I did yard work instead. Just as good, right??
After getting back from Hawaii on a Sunday night we spent about three days at home before we headed to Bear Lake for the 4th of July weekend and a get together with my family. My parents rent a cabin every summer and we all spent Thursday through Sunday together. It's been a really good thing for everyone. I didn't take too many photos this year, but we did have a good time. We spent part of a day at the lake. A few people got out to golf a few times. The older kids went out a night or two and we had an epic ping pong tournament. The younger kids had a blast playing ghosts in the graveyard and us old kids had a good time hanging out and talking. We rented jet skis for a couple of hours and just really enjoyed spending time together.
Carter at the Creperie in Logan on the way up to Bear Lake. It's our annual stop. We can't go to Logan without eating there.
Miss Addy .... isn't she a cutie!!

Addy, Mason and Finn at the lake having a great time getting dirty!!
Carter and Brandon messing on the blowup boat!!
Mason kicking butt in our epic ping pong tournament. I think Josh won, but I'm not sure.
Dave and Josh after their match!!
Addy is such a big girl that she wanted to hold the baby. That baby Emily is as big as she is!! Love them!!
 The girl and Josh on the deck!! 
Josh and Kennedy are awesome cousins and took Tallin with them to get shakes!! Love them!!
Video of Emily dancing!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

We headed out on an airplane at about 5 in the morning on June 16 to head to Maui for a couple of weeks ... with my husband's whole family. Pete and Polly, Grandma Ruth, his brother Greg and his family. It was quite the adventure. We landed at about noon and headed for Kaanapali. Over the two weeks we did a ton of snorkeling, we parasailed, went zip lining, went to the aquarium, hiked to a waterfall and hung out and shopped in Lahaina Town. Kennedy and Ryan went sailing and Chris, Ryan and Kennedy went snorkeling over at Molakini. We also ate a ton of fresh pineapple and ate at some pretty good restaurants. Photos below that I couldn't get to go in a certain order, so they are random.

Ryan and Piper on the lanai

The whole family except Grandma Ruth at Black Rock

Selfie of Ryan parasailing

Selfie of Ryan snorkeling with Pete's underwater camera

Kennedy getting ready to snorkel

Sydney and Piper

 Dinner at Hula Grill

Zip lining

Ryan coming in for a landing

The girl on the flight from Boise to San Francisco
Greg, Pete, Ryan and Chris coming back from snorkeling at Molakini

Doesn't he look excited to be taking a selfie with his mom on the plane

View from our lanai

Chris and Kennedy parasailing

Heading up

Ken and Pete

Carter in the mouth of the shark at the aquarium

Don't they look so excited. We'd been sitting in the San Francisco airport for about 10 hours at this point. No one was happy. No one!! Good thing vacation was over.

Chris and Carter on the flight from Boise to San Francisco


Twin Falls waterfall hike

Greg and Kathy

The crew before they went sailing

On the sailboat

Shaved ice after the sailboat ride